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July 21, 2010, 10:42 pm
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time is a fleeting thing and it is almost gone

i feel as if i am walking on this road and unable to stop

my feet keep tapping on but i can’t seem to  learn the steps.

i wish someone would show me and teach me to dance with my words and with my actions.

why is it so dark in here?  why is it so full of fear and wondering what is next?

i want to make my own destiny.

i want to make my own time and  have my own plans

my own system for what is going to happen.

i  don’t want to be alone

walking forever on this conveyor belt of a personal journey

i hope that someday soon this endless searching will stop and i will feel completely calm


at peace with where i have ended up.

**this is what i ended up typing when i listened to this piece of music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AvP1atLBuo what an amazing experience and a wonderful way to help to open up the mind and free flow the thoughts that are on the surface.  music is truly magical and can create so many beautiful emotions.  thank you so much artswebshow http://artswebshow.com/ for your free flow poetry challenge http://artswebshow.com/2010/06/23/free-flow-poetry-let-go-of-reality/…I owe you one :)**


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great piece, reminds me about my poems about concepts of time, we share similar thoughts and “philosophy” 🙂 …

Comment by Kat

You are your own destiny, you are your future– you are amazing…never forget it…keep writing as long as you have your pen you will never be alone….bkm

Comment by soulintention: signed .............bkm

I’m so glad you let music open up the muse within. Wonderful work.

Comment by sparrowsong

thank you this was a fun new way to write a poem…the idea courtesy of artswebshow.

Comment by wondrinsoul

Love the line about feet tapping but being unable to learn the steps – very clever image! Glad I found your blog, I like your stuff!

Comment by Jessicas Japes

thank you i loved reading “dark cradle” too!

Comment by wondrinsoul

it’s lovely 🙂

how just a song can influence u

Comment by dancingfreak

music is a powerful force! thank you for reading 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

Love the free flow…and you did an excellent piece. I’ll be back for more.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment.

Tracy H

Comment by tracyhsays

thanks! i hope to do more of these types of poems, they are very relaxing…i just have to learn to type with my eyes closed more 😉

Comment by wondrinsoul

A personal conveyor belt! I loved that analogy!!! You really have a way with words… this is a very thought provoking poem….

Comment by Kavita

me too…it came from somewhere deep in my subconscious…i think 😉

Comment by wondrinsoul

I really appreciated your stream of consciousness process and poem. I am going to have to try it. Thank you for this. – BIll

Comment by revbillcook

thank you and i hope you do try it, it is almost like meditating but then you can see what was written while you were locked in your mind. it is really cool 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

This is just awesome and your talent shines through!! Thanks so much for sharing x

Comment by buttercup600

thanks buttercup you always say the nicest things 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

lol. you owe me nothing.
You did a fantastic job with this and it gives me such joy to know that someone truly benefitted from the challenge
Thankyou very much

Comment by Artswebshow

i loved this challenge. and subscribed to your blog so i can get more great ideas…let me live vicariously through your genius 🙂 😉

Comment by wondrinsoul

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