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PMS…how about mind your own damn business!
July 28, 2010, 11:30 pm
Filed under: Emotions, Life, Poetry

abuse, cramp, and hatred are used below

how much abuse can one stomach take?

there must be some kind of deep seeded hatred within my bowels

that causes my intestines to cramp.

No, it is not “my time of the month,” thank you for asking…jackass.

I hate all the euphemisms used for a menstrual cycle…like

it is something that should not be talked about in public, like it

is some big, freakin’ secret that needs to be hidden from others.

I am a Woman!

I have a period…get over it!

no, Aunt Flo is not visiting,

no, I haven’t received a monthly gift from Mother Nature,

no, I am not crippled with a case of women’s problems…

I’m going through a perfectly natural, rite of passage that every woman

goes through at around the same time every month.

I’m experiencing the same relief millions of woman feel

when they go to the bathroom and find out they are not pregnant;

or the same panic that accompanies a trip to the toilet when we are pregnant.

So, anyone who would like to criticize me, and chastise me for showing a little pain

on my face while my body decides its time to drop an egg and purge itself for a few days, can

just go to hell.


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Right on!

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