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Caught Unawares
July 29, 2010, 7:22 am
Filed under: Philosophy

sometimes I wish when I was sick I could just be sick,

instead of feeling like I have to pretend to be well.

my body knows I’m sick, I know I’m sick, but it feels

weird to act sick and not stop normal activities.

i don’t want to make other people sick because

they absorb my low immunity vibes.

it’s almost like being in the animal kingdom and

afraid to show the slightest weakness for fear of

being the first gazelle pounced on by the lion.

can you imagine how embarrassing that must be for the gazelle?

there you are, just taking a drink at the local watering hole and

BAM, suddenly you have lion teeth in your rump.

it must be such a validation that the other gazelles are faster,

smarter, and better than you when that happens.

if i was that gazelle, I would be pretty depressed.

I would probably just give up and concede letting the lion know

Yes.  I am the weaker species, you win.  Now just eat me and get this over with.

I think it might be worse for the other gazelles though who have to watch that.

I mean, they must start doing stretches or running in place or something…

something to show they are alert and fit and not going to be taken by surprise;

that is a lot of pressure to put on a gazelle, especially at 6:00 in the morning!

I guess the moral one can derive from this display of animal bravado, is not to

show weakness, EVER, or you just might be singled out as the weakest gazelle

and end up as some stronger, more dominant ( probably bigger and smarter than

you) predator’s dinner.


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Remind you the perfect poet award for week 27,
Welcome join us in Poets Rally week 28.

Comment by Jingle

i’m on my way…thank you for the reminder though!

Comment by wondrinsoul


Happy Monday,
5 awards 4 u, enjoy!

simply open a page titled awards, display them, feel proud…
the first 3 awards are not to be passed on,

Comment by Jingle

lovely work!

Comment by Jingle

This is great.
I like the free flow style it has

Comment by Artswebshow

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