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For Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally — Lauren’s Wedding
August 25, 2010, 9:38 pm
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Last year I was the one in the white dress, staring at a picture of myself

in the glass watching from the other side of a black and white camera lens,

screwing in my smile and keeping it firmly planted on my face,

not feeling the heat of the day, and being protected from the melting of the cake.

This year I watched as you prepped your makeup in front of the mirror and

blotted your lipstick, tucking a careless hair behind your ear as I helped to

hold up your white dress, too high for you to step into, and then lower so your

cotton colored shoes could slide gracefully down the fabric and touch the earth once again.

I remembered you as a child of peach fuzz hair and cross eyes, crawling backwards.

I remembered you as a toddler being dressed up as the boy in our house games,

following me around and cooking up imaginary meals for me with your shorts on your head,

pretending it was a chef’s hat.

I remembered you as a kid falling and breaking your arm on the monkey bars, the same arm

that reached up and held one side of your birdcage veil while the jeweled comb on the other side

was being slid into place by our Mom.

I remembered you as a teenager, and being jealous of your ability to draw, and the fact you were always

skinnier than me..these seemed petty concerns on this day.

I thought of these things as I held the sides of your dress together and we zipped you into your future.

The dress fit you like a sigh, so snug yet so perfect for your form, as if it was painted on.

I watched as you looked into the mirror and I saw the corners of your mouth turn up the moment you saw

how beautiful you looked.  It was as if all the preparations you had made for this moment hit you all at once, and

your wedding became real.

Mirrored in that white dress I saw all the stages of your life fall away

and you were left in the center whole, complete, happy.

You were radiating confidence and poise, a model of strength and conviction.

I was so proud and a little surprised to see how much you had grown up

and how much of myself I recognized in you,

on that day,

in that moment,

we were both wearing a white dress together,

staring into the mirror of the rest of our lives.

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wonderful!!! thanks for sharing!! 2 awards for you if you’d like to accept http://peachpitproduction.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/blogger-awards/

Comment by Ms. Peaches

Two awards for you. You can get them here: http://frayedges.wordpress.com/2010/09/06/blogger-awards/

You do beautiful work!

Comment by frayedges

thanks for the awards! i like reading your poetry. It helps me to relax after a long day of work 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

This reminded me of a cousin who I was very close to when we were growing up. We’ve done so many silly things together haha..
It’s been ages since I last saw her and we are not that close anymore.Not that either of us are married but I can sort of relate to this.
A very lovely poem 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

Comment by Alethea

This was truly sweet and poignant. Well done.

Comment by DiamondsAndDogs

wow, this is simply beautiful! I really love how you put the story together. Must be a wonderful feeling watching a daughter grow up and get married.

Comment by deadpoet88

ha ha…it was my sister’s wedding 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

This is great.
What a fantastic entry

Comment by Artswebshow


Comment by wondrinsoul

wow. this is so very beautiful 🙂 romantic n nostalgic a bit too.

my entry for the rally is The Butterfly Lover 🙂

Comment by Leo (Leonnyes)

I’m happy you liked it…thank you for reading 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

this was quite touching; the line where “we zipped you into your future” was just the icing on the cake! very nice.

Comment by siubhan

Thanks I liked your work too 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

this was one lovely poem alright!! welled up my eyes… it was like the scene of a movie playing in my head…
very beautifully written…

Comment by Kavita

you always say the nicest things Kavita! Thank you for reading 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

Very poignant. I had to wonder how it felt for you,having moved beyond the wedding into the marriage, knowing that the future isn’t always easy. Very special–it must have touched your sister. Victoria

Comment by liv2write2day

I wanted to write a poem where my sister and I could be on the same page, feeling the same emotions, and connected in this way…I’m glad it resonated with so many people as well…it was a very special day for both of us 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

😦 😦 😦 how patient were u in writing this 😦

but yes i liked it a lot 🙂

Comment by dancingfreak

patient…more like emotional, the first time i read it I had to stop to grab some tissues 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

u did unbeatable job this week!
Thanks for the contribution!
Happy Friday!

Comment by Jingle

I cried. I loved it…all of it.

Comment by Raven

Very romantic- sigh..!!
I enjoyed traveling from the 1st word to last.. could feel how beautiful she must have looked in that white dress.. Where’s the cake- Do I get a slice too- Bless both of them through you..


Comment by Olivia

the cake was white frosting with marble tiers and white lemon tiers, with white flowers and pistachio colored centers…it was yummy and elegant!
thank you for your comments 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

“We zipped you into your future” … that is simply amazing. I loved this gorgeous poem, and it makes me think how there is nothing, no one, who knows me like my sisters. Beautifully rendered!

Comment by Christine

thanks for reading!

Comment by wondrinsoul

makes me want to step into a wedding gown, with my mother by my side

Comment by carolina

there is no feeling like it in the world!

Comment by wondrinsoul

peach fuzz hair and cross eyes – only a big sister could love that, especially when she was always skinnier than you! What a lovely, touching poem about the journey of two sisters through life; so lucky to have each other – may you always remain close and live long, interesting lives

Comment by brokenpenwriter

thank you for your kind words!

Comment by wondrinsoul


Happy Belated Birthday,
Help visit 5 to 10 poets from the list to wish them Happy (Belated) Birthday,

take the butterfly award,
share with 1 to 10 friends…

Comment by Jingle

Love the last line… Be Inspired Today! Love and Light, Sender

Comment by SenderUpWords

Thank you, I wanted to write something for my sister that we could share together.

Comment by wondrinsoul

Sweet memories, expressed in a sweet way..

Do stop by Sweetened Waters

–Someone Is Special–

Comment by Someone Is Special

Sweet! Thank-you for your comments 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

That’s a beautiful poem! I had a tear in my eye by the end. So nice, too, to see a longer style of poem, longer in line that is. I thought you caught the emotions wonderfully. Brilliant!

Comment by Jessicas Japes

The emotions were fresh because she just got married this last weekend…I’m glad this poem touched you, thank you for responding!

Comment by wondrinsoul

I have a beloved sister too…this took my breath and filled my heart.
Make sure you frame this for your lucky sister 🙂

Comment by sillyfrogsusan

I’m hoping she reads it, but she is on her honeymoon…so maybe framing is a good idea! Thanks for reading 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

Wow…such a thought provoking flow of memories…I loved it and thanks for sharing x

Comment by buttercup600

you are always so nice when you comment on my poems…thanks for reading and responding 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

This made me puddle up! You both had such beautiful weddinings and are such amazing women. I remember it all.

Comment by Mom

Awww Mama! Love you and wanted to share the awesome experience that was Lauren’s wedding!

Comment by wondrinsoul

Thank you for the beautiful contribution!
Happy Thursday!

Comment by Jingle

Welcome! Thank you for all the work you do on behalf of all of us poets 🙂

Comment by wondrinsoul

both wearing white dress together and ….

sweet and lovely memories…
I am very impressed and pleased by your work!

Comment by Jingle


Comment by wondrinsoul

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