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September 12, 2010, 7:54 pm
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Every dawning of a new day is looked upon with surprise.

The sun rising and setting is just a marking of time.

Every breath that is consumed and expelled depreciates the body,

withers the husk, loosens the bonds that ground us to the earth.

The seasons changing show us how Nature carries on independently of our plans for it,

and doesn’t need any help from us to do what comes naturally.

Every step that is taken is another step closer, another jaunt, another skip, another

bend in the road, another obstacle to challenge us as the sands of time run through the hourglass of our lives.

One day we will look out of our window and the light will no longer blind us because there will be another figure to absorb our attention.

The figure will beckon and we will not be afraid, we will realize we have reached the next step in our lives…we will have ascended as high as we can on our current plane.

Every moment will melt away.

Time will have no meaning.

Food will not be needed.

Drink will seem a distant memory, as will everything else that seemed to be so important;

caused us so much stress.

We will exhale all of the anxiety, fear, loss, depression, negativity

and inhale calm, serenity, love, and grace.

We will shed all of the possessions we accumulated making us lighter and lighter,

causing us to lift off the ground, and push up against the ceiling like a hot air balloon pulling at

the weighted lines that hold it to the earth.

This is when our skin and our minds will expand to become so thin and so full of hidden knowledge that the

substances of our body will cease to be solid.

We will feel ourselves pass through the walls of our homes,

fly through the roof and rise up to the clouds.

Nothing will be holding us down, not worry, nor heavy change in our pockets,

we can just float up and up and

glide on the wind watching our energy dissipate into all directions

knowing that eventually all our parts will come back together

finding their way as if by instinct,

to the same destination.


Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 28 Poem Post—Perfect Poet Award Acceptance
September 8, 2010, 10:00 pm
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A single flower

bends with the wind in a field

A perfect pairing

I need attention

I need attention

I need to be heard and seen and felt

I need to be loved and cherished and held

Without this attention I am like a

flower left without water and

a child locked in a dark room

all shriveled, emaciated and reaching

I need to know I matter

I need to know I matter

and that I matter to you.

I want to be counted

relied on, thought of,

longed for, and to know that whatever I do

I have your support.

I hope this is a wake up call, I hope you read this

I hope you absorb it and realize that I need you

just as much as you need me and without us

working together

my back can only bend so far

until it breaks.

***This post is for Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally Week 28 Poem Post.

Thank you to Jingle @ Jingle for nominating Wondrinsoul the Week 27 Perfect Poet Award

For Week 28, I nominate Lest I Smite Thee @ http://lestismitethee.wordpress.com/2010/07/31/writing-rape/