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An Introduction to Motherhood
March 21, 2012, 5:09 pm
Filed under: Emotions, Poetry

Nothing is more peaceful than watching a sleeping baby.

The flutter of the eyelids, the contented sighs, the folded hands and curved inward fingers.

The bowed legs and turned in feet, looking like prayer hands; lightly touching each other.

Complete relaxation.


It is easy to lose track of time watching a sleeping baby.

The rise and fall of his belly as he breathes in and out.

The slight nodding of his head as each breath is drawn in,

Making his whole body stretch and reach for even deeper slumber.


Gravity gradually pulling him down into the mattress,

His muscles relaxing, as he floats in his suspended world.

His arms heavy at his sides.

His legs seeming to dangle in space with only his toes to ground him as he

Lazily wiggles them back and forth.


He barely makes a sound, his lips slightly parted,

His head gently rocking upon a hardly visible neck.

Even his ears seem relaxed as no noise penetrates

His rhythmic pattern.


The breath expanding to his belly, to head, to arms,

To gently laid hands and splayed fingers, in a

Prayer pose of feet and a grounding of toes; all

Culminating into a smile on my face, as with a contented sigh

I force my own eyes to close.