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float on
July 27, 2010, 6:53 am
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*I wrote the following piece while listening to the sound below.  I did not edit this after it was written, this piece is the rough draft of what I thought as I listened to the music below…

flowing down a river and listening to the sound of my heartbeat in my ears.

i am letting everything go.

i am relaxing and going with the motion of the current.

it is too hard to push back all the time and sometimes it is easier to just

float on.

i wish for a longing that is deep within me.

i hope to find the peace i know is there.

i am letting myself go

i am just being and seeing where this takes me

the water is warm,

the current is pleasant and comforting.

i think the best option for me is to just float here,

taking comfort in the fact there is a place to float

until i can learn to swim

and raise my awareness beyond the current,

beyond the water,

beyond, beyond.